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Workshops are spaces to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing through mindfulness, psycho-education and creative expression. All workshops are designed to meet the needs and aims of the company and organisation we work with, and include mindfulness practise and creative exercises.

We offer poetry based workshops and lived experience based training focused on the experience of psychosis.


School workshops suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools have been developed to meet PSHE requirements. Please download the school flyer below. Please note that programs up to 8 weeks can also be offered.​


1 hour          £180

2 hours        £250


Recent/Previous Workshops

Maintaining wellbeing while job searching with Mindfulness

Aston University, October 2021

Workshop exploring the impact of job searching on student wellbeing and the mindfulness techniques and principles that can support us

Introduction to Mindfulness for creatives x2

YardArtHouse, September 2021

Workshops introducing creatives to mindfulness techniques as part of a wellbeing initiative

Mindfulness and aromatherapy workshop

Black women's project leadership program @ University of Wawrick, July 2021

Workshop exploring the role of aromatherapy in wellbeing and using aromatherapy techniques to develop sisterhood

Staying well during busy times

Niyo Enterprise Black Codeher Program, December 2020

Workshop for black women on a coding program to support them in managing their wellbeing, exploring their experiences of stress and coping strategies

Preparing to feel

Black women's project leadership program, July 2020

Workshop preparing women on a leadership program for the emotional challenges of leadership and exploring how we manage experiences of doubt, failure, grief, frustration and joy

Stress and mindfulness

Breaking Barriers LSE conference, February 2020

Workshop exploring stress in the black community, psycho-education on stress and how mindfulness can help us manage stress 

Poetry for wellbeing 

Blackgirl Festival, October 2019

Workshop exploring how creative writing can be used as a tool for wellbeing. Understanding creative writing as a practise of self-expression, self-acceptance and empowerment

Understanding anger

Community Workshop for black women, October 2019

Workshop exploring anger in the black community, what anger is, how to manage it and how we can use it to pursue our passions and enact change

4 week psychosis recovery program

Birmingham Early Intervention team, May 2019​

Program exploring experiences of psychosis, different models of understanding, how to manage the experience, learn from it and integrate it into our lives through creative exercises

Understanding psychosis through poetry

'Psychosis: Origins, Experience and Meaning' conference in Brighton, June 2019

Interactive poetry based workshop for professionals, carers of people experiencing psychosis and people with lived experience of psychosis, exploring misconceptions of psychosis and reflecting on the experiences of psychosis outside of the frame of diagnosis to aid better understanding

To host a workshop in your space, email:

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