Being connected to others is one of the things that improves our mental health and wellbeing and these workshops seek to facilitate connection between people in order to reduce a sense of loneliness in experience. Workshops always make space to explore how we can improve our own wellbeing, but also how we can support the wellbeing of the people sharing the space with us.


Creative expression is used as a tool for wellbeing as it is allows us to be with, explore and present our internal life authentically without judgement. Creative activity allows us to engage with thoughts and feelings that might usually be difficult to communicate in ways that are both enjoyable and freeing.

Personal experience

Workshops provide space to explore individual experiences and psycho-education is provided in the context of the experiences of the attendees to support individual growth and application of learning.


Everyone in the workshop space is respected as an expert of experience and therefore is respected as a valued contributor. Workshops aim to be a collaborative space where discussion is encouraged and where everyone (including the facilitator) is positioned as a learner.