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School workshops aim to create spaces within our education settings where young people can learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing through mindfulness, psycho-education and creative expression. School workshops are designed to meet PSHE requirements for mental wellbeing education. Workshops are suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools.

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Price: £250

Please see below for information on what each of the workshops on offer. Please note that bespoke workshops and programs can be offered.



This is a collaborative workshop that explores young peoples understanding of mental health issues and is designed to support students to identify when they or a friend might be experiencing a mental health difficulty.

The workshop covers:

- Definitions of mental health conditions

- Identifying mental health conditions

- Health coping strategies

- When to seek help

- Issues surrounding help seeking (i.e. stigma)

- Where to seek help from


This workshop is designed to support young people to be able to identify and explore difficult emotions that they might have in response to situations in their everyday life. In the workshop we explore healthy ways to navigate our feelings even when we find ourselves in challenging situations.

This workshop covers:

- Emotional Wellbeing

- Understanding difficult emotions (i.e. anger, grief, loneliness, sadness) and their purpose

- Healthy coping strategies and self-regulation


This workshop is designed to help young people understand how the body's stress response works and it's relationship to mental health.

This workshop covers:

- The physiology of stress

- The fight or flight response

- The impact of prolonged stress on the body

- The impact of prolonged stress on mental health

- Understanding individual experiences of stress

- Ways to manage the physical and mental impacts of stress


Young people will understand how creative writing can be used as a tool to process and communicate our feelings and emotions.

This workshop covers:

- Understanding role of self-expression in wellbeing

- Creative writing as a therapeutic tool

- Communicating our experiences to others

- Understanding the importance of being heard by our community and hearing others

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your school but have questions, please click below to book a free 35 minute online consultation and taster session with Mica