new year reminder

new year reminder

New Years Reminder Wall Hanging (Frame included, may vary).


(Price includes postage and packaging)




"remember to breathe. to eat. to do something with your hair. wear a nice scarf, take a bath, take a walk, grab hold of life and shake the glitter out of its folds and apply it to your eyelids. do not lose sight of the future in front of you. remember that the darkness cannot overcome you, because you belong to the light. you sweet girl, were born from a sunbeam that made love to the earth. you have power in your step and the sound of the sea in your word. your future is secure, the victory has been won, your crown has been paid for, by all those who came before. so live fully. live widely. anxiety cannot keep you. greatness has made you and it has made you for itself. joy is your portion so take it, claim it, wear it, slay it, brand it, name it. remember that your mind is powerful and if you speak it, it shall be. this power is not to burden you with responsibility, but to invite you into living free. do not let pride keep you from flourishing. do not let the sins of men’s past keep you from loving. remember that there is love, you are loved and you are love unconditionally. and in this life, you will know love and know it well. do not ever think that you are not enough. everything you do is an inspiration to the rest of us. and in your dark days, remember that God is a mother to the motherless, a restorer of things lost, a giver of hope and of other eternal treasures at no other cost that surrender. remember that every rejection is redirection and the method of life’s protection. remember to live every day as if it is your first, in curiosity, with thanksgiving for every blessing, for the spirit that is alive in you. let your spirit dance its dance, sing its song, shout its shout. we love to see you as who you are, wild and proud. do not let the hardness of the world steal your soft. let perseverance reward you. be unapologetically you. be unapologetically true. let all the seeds that God has sewn in you always bear good fruit. fruit of peace, soundness of mind, kindness and control. may the hope of life guide and sustain you and make you whole. this year will not be like the last. you will not live in the mistakes of the past, you will go forward, always, forward, in all-ways. "


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