Mica Montana Gray is a poet and workshop facilitator based in Birmingham. she currently works as a applied research psychologist and has previously worked as an assistant psychologist in children's mental health services. she has completed an undergraduate degree in philosophy and psychology and a masters in cognitive neuroscience.

while completing her undergraduate degree, she had an experience of depression and drug induced psychosis which resulted in a hospital admission. this experience birthed the poetry collection 'when daisies talk' which was self-published in March 2019.

when daisies talk explores the journey of healing through depression and psychosis and explores themes of blackness, womanhood, drugs, christianity and challenges our ideas of what it means to grow. the collection also highlights the healing power of creativity and how words can empower and give life.

the experience of being an inpatient and being diagnosed with a mental illness provided first hand experiences of the need for more affirming, compassionate and creative support for people struggling with their mental health.

professionally, the experience highlighted how mental health professionals often don't have the space to explore their own humanity or offer compassion towards themselves which is necessary for supporting others.

in attempt to bridge these gaps, Mica uses insights from her personal and professional experiences to put together workshops that invite men and women from inside and outside of the mental health services to explore creativity, community, wellness and self-knowing.

Mica is also the rep of the campaign 'emerging proud through psychosis' which seeks to depathologise and de-stigmatise mental health experiences, shifting the narrative from 'breakdown' to 'breakthrough'.