Mica is a licensed mindfulness teacher currently based in Birmingham. She has completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology and a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience and currently works part time as an Applied Research Psychologist helping to shape the development of University mental health services. Her work is rooted in critical and community approaches to psychology and her interests lie in creating safe spaces for people to experience and express themselves for the facilitation of growth and good wellbeing.

Her passion for mental health advocacy and for creating affirming, compassionate and creative spaces for people struggling with their mental health was born out of her experience of being sectioned due to an episode of psychosis at the age of 21. Creative writing was a tool that Mica used to heal through this experience and in 2019, she collected her writings together and published them in the collection ‘When Daisies Talk’.

Following this Mica began to offer poetry based workshops exploring mental health and helping others to understand typically misunderstood mental health experiences. This experience led to the development of 'making space for us' a platform that seeks to make 'making space for ourselves' a norm.

She has so far worked with the Red Cross, Birmingham Early Intervention Service, the Black Women's Project at Coventry University and the ISPS (International Society for Psychological Approaches in Psychology) to deliver workshops across the UK. 

She has been a guest lecturer at The University of Leicester, performed spoken word pieces at conferences nationally and has consulted on various mental health and wellness projects and research studies.